Individual | Jan 2018 - Today

DAY 1 - 10

Inspired by Tiantian Xu, a talented designer friend of mine, I started my 100 days of design challenge with tutorials.

Before diving right into the innovative creation part, I decided to follow tutorials and be more familiar with the design software. I believe learning and practicing these skills will prepare me a good foundation and open more possibilities for my future design.


I started with the solar system planet series by following How to Create a Solar System Planets Icon Pack in Adobe Illustrator written by Andrei Stefan. I practiced my skills with the pen tool, pathfinders path offset tool, clipping masks, etc.


DAY 11 - 18

I continued learning and practicing my skills with the space series icons by following How to Create Stylish Flat Space Icons in Adobe Photoshop written by YuLia Sokolova. 

I learned and practiced several approaches to creating shadows and light effect for the icons.

DAY 19 - 24

I started learning a little more complicated illustrations by following Animal Silhouette Moonlight Vector Illustration in Adobe Illustrator shared by Tutvid.

I also started to create my own Seattle version of illustration based on the sample.

DAY 25 - 30

I created an icon for my friend's dog Sparky. I tried to capture the characteristic of Sparky while minimizing the details.

I also created a geometric illustration for Sparky. 

DAY 31 - 40

I started learning to create portrait icons by following How To Draw A Face by Gigantic in Illustrator, and  Making a Santa Illustration on Sketch App by Sketch Together in Sketch.

DAY 41